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Editing & Post Production


We take the raw audio recording from you and begin the process of enhancing its quality by removing distractions such as mouth clicks, lip smacks, heavy breaths, bumps, thumps, and other unwanted noises. Additionally, we can fine-tune the pacing of the narration, ensuring a consistent and smooth flow throughout the story.



We carefully review the narration while following along with the text, identifying any issues such as misreadings, pronunciation errors, diction problems, missing lines or words, or any other distractions that might hinder the listener's enjoyment of the story. We create a comprehensive list of corrections needed for the narrator, which is compiled on a spreadsheet along with the highlighted errors in the text file.



After receiving the completed pickups from the narrator, we integrate them seamlessly into the original files, adding the final polish to the production. Our meticulous process includes thorough examination of the files to ensure consistent volume and levels throughout. We carefully assess the noise floor, RMS, and peak levels, adhering to the ACX (Audible) standards for audio mastering.

Recording studio equipment

Quality Check

If you already have a finished product and simply need an expert's opinion on its quality and compliance with ACX (Audible) standards, we can help. Our thorough evaluation ensures that your project meets the required mastering standards set by Audible, preventing any potential setbacks or rejections.

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